“Exaltation Isn’t a New Doctrine”

Detail of the finger of Adam and the finger of God from Michelangelo's Sistine Ceiling

  This morning's Deseret News column: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/765615021/Exaltation-isnt-a-new-doctrine.html   … [Read more...]

New York Times: “For Mormons, A Cautious Step Toward Mainstream Acceptance”

  A pretty good article in the New York Times -- there are a few slight inaccuracies, but they're not at all serious -- on Mormon attitudes toward Mitt Romney's candidacy.  Had he won, it would have appeared on the front page and been somewhat longer.  Since he lost, it's shorter and on -- I think -- page four: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/08/us/politics/at-least-a-degree-of-validation-for-mormons.html?pagewanted=all     … [Read more...]

“Mormon FAIR-Cast Nominated for Podcast Award”

 I posted this item, which originated with the folks at FAIR, a few days ago from Carmel, Indiana, and the formatting got all gunked up.  (That's a technical term that you non-geeks shouldn't even pretend to understand.)  So I'm trying it again.  And I urge you, once again, to vote early and often.  (It would be fun to win an election.) Mormon FAIR-Cast Nominated for Podcast Award------------------------------ The People's Choice Podcast Awards are an annu … [Read more...]

Some Postmortem Notes

Instead, we get Barack Obama

   It's been a lousy year. The sudden death of my brother, my only sibling and the only other member of my little southern California family; my expulsion from the Maxwell Institute, to which I'd given a large portion of my time and effort over roughly a quarter of a century (time and effort that are now not only irretrievable, of course, but, or so it seems to me and to many others -- some of them almost deliriously gleeful over it --  have been … [Read more...]

Sigh. But at least my conscience is clear.

The ruins of the ancient Roman Forum

  Barring some unimaginable miracle, the 2012 presidential race is over. I find this deeply sad, because I genuinely do believe that President Obama has been a terrible president who has done -- and will now continue to do -- enormous damage to my country. I'm sad, too, because one lesson that this election seems to present is that political conservatism of the kind in which I believe cannot now win a national election.  If we were unable to … [Read more...]


Seriously.  Pay attention!

  I've just returned from voting. My polling station was Hillcrest Elementary School in Orem, Utah. The lines were very, very, very long.  I stood there for roughly an hour and forty minutes. Unfortunately, the actual polling booths were mostly empty during that time.  The bottleneck came at the voter registry book.  There was only one of them, and several precincts had been combined.  (Our normal polling station, Cherry Hill Ele … [Read more...]

Indiana: A Report

The headquarters of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), near Indianapolis

  My wife and I have just returned from four nights in greater Indianapolis, Indiana, where I was speaking on behalf of the BYU Alumni Association and where we were the very well-treated guests, at their home in the suburban city of Carmel, of Margie and Michael Draper.  On Friday, we had lunch with senior officials of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which is headquartered near Indianapolis, and, afterwards, attended the main Friday … [Read more...]

No More Years!

Never surrender.

  I have strong opinions about politics -- in case you haven't noticed -- but I don't have any crystal ball that's telling me who will win the presidential election.  The predictions are all over the map. I tend, on the whole, to be a pessimist, so I rather expect to lose. I have no question, though, about who ought to lose: See this, for example, on the mainstream media's failure to investigate the Obama administration's lethal … [Read more...]