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The Nobel Laureate for Literature, 1970


Some of the critics of this blog have pointed to the fact that I’m a devoted reader of National Review as evidence that, to some greater or lesser degree, I’m intellectually bankrupt and/or morally depraved.


Perhaps so.  But if I were obliged to choose between keeping company with Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and hanging out with Laughin’ Joe Biden, the choice would be an easy one for me.



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  • Erich Zann

    I don’t know… Solzhenitsyn seems like kind of a downer, while Joe Biden can even find the humor in things like an astronomical national debt, a failing economy, and the murder of American citizens overseas. If he can laugh while all that’s going on, he must be the life of any party.

    • danpeterson


  • Maurine Proctor

    Ask some of your critics if they have the intellectual savvy and writing talent to find a berth at National Review or a periodical whose politics suits them better themselves or if it is just easier to throw stones. Your critics should be half so able as the contributors at National Review.

    • danpeterson

      My thoughts, exactly.

      It’s easier to throw stones.