Violence, Hollywood, and Hypocrisy

Newtown, Connecticut

  I'm very pleased and proud to be associated with the Deseret News, which, in my view, is steadily becoming a more and more intellectually substantive, significant, and interesting newspaper -- and certainly so on its editorial pages.  (This is not altogether surprising, given the journalistically unusual background of the paper's editor, Paul Edwards.) Here are three recent items from the Deseret News -- a column and two editorials -- on a very important … [Read more...]

Surf’s Up! “The New Liberal Aristocracy”

Barack Obama in the Hawaiian Surf

  "Limousine liberals" are scarcely new.  They've been around for a very long time. Teddy Kennedy (D-Chappaquiddick) was a great advocate of women's rights.  He also fought for white suburban kids to be bused an hour or two away to failing inner city schools while his own children attended tony private prep schools that the parents of his targets, whom he routinely denounced as racists, could never have even hoped to begin to afford.  Robert Redford builds a la … [Read more...]

Dr. Amy Williams on “Mormon Scholars Testify”

Dr. Amy Williams

  We've just updated her photograph, so I thought it would be appropriate to highlight the entry, on Mormon Scholars Testify, from Amy Williams:   … [Read more...]

“Ralph Hancock — Critic of Mormon Liberalism”

Joseph Smith's First Vision

  Mormon Stories has posted a podcast interview with my friend and colleague (and fellow Interpreter editor) Ralph Hancock.  He's always worthy of attention.   … [Read more...]

Grad Student Barbie

Grad Student Barbie

  Those who've been to graduate school, or who're still there, or who are married to somebody who is or was, or who know anybody who is or was, may well appreciate this:   … [Read more...]

The Reformation of Morals

The symbol of Brigham Young University's Eastern Christian Text series

  John Gee had already posted one blog entry about Yahya b. ‘Adi.  Here's another. "Eastern Christian Texts" is a part of Brigham Young University's overall Middle Eastern Texts Initiative (METI).   … [Read more...]

“Sealings and Mercies: Moroni’s Final Exhortations in Moroni 10,” by James E. Faulconer

Professor James E. Faulconer

   Annual Willes Center Lecture, 15 January  The Laura F. Willes Center Book of Mormon Lecture for 2012-13 will be “Sealings and Mercies: Moroni’s Final Exhortations in Moroni 10” by Professor James FaulconerTuesday, 15 January 2013, 7:00 pm in the Gordon B. Hinckley Center on the BYU campus.   … [Read more...]

“The Gospel of Jesus Christ is Inclusive — Not Exclusive”

"He Anointed His Eyes," by Walter Rane

  I feel very strongly about the subject of this recent Deseret News article, written by a friend of ours. I even had a rather similar experience while I was serving in the mission home on Pilatusstraße in Zürich, decades ago.  We taught a very long-haired young man and his then-live-in girlfriend who had suddenly shown up at the mission home front door.  They seemed extremely unlikely prospects, and some members and leaders were very uncomfortable around them. … [Read more...]