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King Benjamin’s Address, by Jeremy Winborg


I can’t recall whether I’ve already blogged about this or not.  I meant to do so, but I think not.  But, if I have and I can’t remember it, there’s a good chance that you can’t remember it, either.


So here’s a blog entry on the latest issue of the Journal of the Book of Mormon and Other Restoration Scripture, edited by my friend and former Maxwell Institute colleague Paul Hoskisson:


Matthew L. Bowen offers an article entitled “Becoming Sons and Daughters at God’s Right Hand: King Benjamin’s Rhetorical Wordplay on His Own Name.”


Steven L. Olsen writes from an anthropologist’s perspective in “The Covenant of the Chosen People: The Spiritual Foundations of Ethnic Identity in the Book of Mormon.”


John Hilton III and Jana Johnson provide a word study of “Who Uses the Word Resurrection in the Book of Mormon and How is It Used?”


Andrew C. Smith, a doctoral student at Claremont Graduate University who coordinates the “Scripture Roundtables” for The Interpreter Foundation, uses his background in Arabic and Hebrew to discuss “Deflected Agreement in the Book of Mormon.”


Royal Skousen, by many light years the foremost authority on the textual history of the Book of Mormon, offers an article entitled “Worthy of Another Look: John Gilbert’s 1892 Account of the 1830 Printing of the Book of Mormon.”


These articles are not yet available online, and I have no idea when they’ll appear.  However, they can be read (and purchased) in hardcopy.



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  • FrancisE

    yea…, thanks man!
    i think i read this in Dec., at the “interpreter journal”, heck, i’m seriously waiting for the online version, though…

  • Collin

    Mr. Hoskisson taught me New Testament at BYU about ten years ago. I was just thinking about him yesterday when I was thinking about miracles. He had said, almost as an aside, “And we have miracles happening all the time.” I know that he is right, but if you don’t record them, you definitely forget about them.