A Bit of Advice Regarding Royal Skousen’s Upcoming Lectures


The Gordon B. Hinckley Center
on the campus of
Brigham Young University


As I’ve announced, my friend and colleague Royal Skousen will soon be delivering three lectures on the textual history of the Book of Mormon.


I’m a bit concerned, given the standing-room-only crowd that came to hear Professor James Faulconer’s recent lecture in the same venue (the auditorium of BYU’s Gordon B. Hinckley Center), that some who arrive late, or even on time, may not get seats.  (I would not have gotten one myself, had it not been for the kindness and continuing friendship of two of the Maxwell Institute staff.  And I was there three or four minutes before the program began.)


One never knows how many will show up for such lectures, regardless of their merits.  Sometimes it’s a mere handful, but sometimes they’re packed.


So here’s a word to the wise:  If you’re planning to come, it might be advisable to arrive and get your seat fifteen or twenty or even thirty minutes early.  Just in case.  Bring something to read.  (Perhaps an electronic or hard copy of Interpreter?)  Maybe it won’t be necessary.  But maybe it will.  And it would be a real drag to drive down from Salt Lake City or Ogden and be unable to get in.



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