“A Shallow Joseph Smith Wouldn’t Have Been Up to the Task”





Appearing in the Deseret News this morning:





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  • Renee

    Dear Dr. Peterson,
    Thank you for another interesting column. I look forward each week to reading them. I have a question. You referenced Jane Barnes and her recently published book titled “Falling In Love With Joseph Smith”. Last week Jerry Johnston wrote about her book, and how she investigated the LDS church, but in the end decided not to join. She wrote “Among other things, my terror of the preexistence bode ill for any comfort I might draw from the Mormon afterlife, which was to die for.” Can you shed any light on why she, and many others, reject the concept of pre-mortal life? I remember reading in one of Hugh Nibley’s books that Brigham Young said that more people left the early church over this than anything else. Just what is so very terrible about it? Why the fear and loathing? Any thoughts?