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Lone Peak basketball


Lone Peak High School’s basketball team is doing amazingly well this year.  (Lone Peak is in Highland, in the same school district — Alpine — that my own kids attended.)  Here’s an NBC story about them:


My friend and former Maxwell Institute colleague Ed Snow — preeminent authority on both sports and politics — tells me that the big kid who does all the dunking is Eric Mika, and that his mother is Mitt Romney’s niece.  Lynn Kennan, Mitt’s oldest sibling, is Eric’s grandmother.  (If you can keep all of that straight, you might be a Mormon.)


Rumor has it that this is a photo of some of my friend Ed’s files on basketball and politics


Quite a while ago, my university department (Asian and Near Eastern Languages) had its annual beginning-of the-academic-year party at my chairman’s house.  He was serving in the presidency of his LDS stake at the time, and we had borrowed tables and chairs for the party from the stake center, which was across the street from his house.  So afterwards, a number of us helped return those tables and chairs to the church.


I ended up carrying several of the tables with the help of a newly arrived visiting professor, a non-Mormon, from Japan.  As we were returning, about the third or fourth time, from having deposited a table in the storage area under the stage at the end of what Mormons typically call the “cultural hall” of the church, he said “May I ask you a question about your religion?”  Trained, as all Mormons are, to be an eager missionary, I replied that I would be happy to try to answer any question he had.  “Thank you!” he responded.  “I’ve been in several of your churches now, and they all have basketball courts.  Does basketball play an important part in your theology?”



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