“Controversial Paper Critiquing Popular Mormon Podcast Published”


Me, in an unusually benevolent mood


From the Student Review, an unofficial student newspaper at BYU:





New Testament 141
"Why women aren't having children"
The trouble with reality
New Testament 142
  • http://www.davidicchiasmus.com Scott

    Your page with two links: 1.) The original piece, and 2.) a commentary on it.

  • Lucy Mcgee

    I had no idea how much this paper was being discussed and written about. Wow. It’s truly the stuff of tabloid journalism, except that it is only pertinent to those of the Mormon faith, else it would surely be headline. So where is Christ in all of this? What would Jesus do? You folks supposedly know Jesus better than most, since you are all Saints. Yet, I’ve never in my 50+ years read as much sniping and backbiting rhetoric as I’ve done on 3 Mormon message boards I’ve read from in the past two days. If this is what religion is about, then I believe that my lack of indoctrination into it as a child was a “blessing”, so to speak.

    • Scott W. Clark

      But of course moral preening and looking down one’s nose is so much more worthy.
      Dehlin traffics in gievance. Why else be so stuck on apologists and apologetics? (Apologetics hurts people? Really?) Someone finds out something that no one told them about and Dehlin holds their hand and tells them they can still have a full life by joining with him. If somoeone comes along and shows there is nothing to it, to the problem, that devalues the grievance and undercuts Dehlin. So apologetics is the enemy.
      Keep up the good work Brother Peterson.

    • Stephen Smoot

      I resent you calling my work on this topic “tabloid journalism”. If there are factual errors in my reporting, please be so kind to point them out to me. If there aren’t errors in my reporting, then all you’ve offered here is an unsubstantiated, meaningless, and condescending opinion.

      • Lucy Mcgee

        Sorry about that. “Dubious ‘Mormon’ Stories” is clearly not a tabloid like paper which has been heavily footnoted. Your work, whatever it was, is not what I was referring to. The “stuff of tabloid journalism” in my opinion, would be the responses and comments and the various “back and forth” exchanges regarding John Dehlin, which have been written on discussion boards of various types. That was my point.

        For people professing themselves as chosen, and those who will usher in the Kingdom, aren’t you people supposed to live by a higher standard? Again, it seems to me like there is a good bit of backbiting, condescension and snark aimed at someone who is a part of your Church and fellow Saint and traveler. Shouldn’t there be higher moral values at work here?

        • danpeterson

          News flash: Not all Mormons are perfect at all times.

          I’m a rarity in that regard.