Every Thursday Morning: The Wearisome Drum Beat of My Articles Continues


The Gordon B. Hinckley Center at Brigham Young University


This morning’s Deseret News article:





The Church's new Central Eurasian Mission
A surprising discovery beneath Teotihuacán
"Say Now Shibboleth, or Maybe Cumorah"
"Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Mormon Family Home Evening: An Episcopal Priest's Perspective"
  • Erich Zann

    Dr. Peterson,
    This is a well-written article on an extremely interesting subject. That said, while I always expect the comments on the online version to be inane and worthless, some of the responses to this article set new lows. I don’t know why so many people reading your articles consistently miss the point week after week. I would say that you shouldn’t take it personally, but I’m convinced that the very fact that YOU wrote an article is the chief thing motivating these brain donors.