Every Thursday Morning: The Wearisome Drum Beat of My Articles Continues


The Gordon B. Hinckley Center at Brigham Young University


This morning’s Deseret News article:





“God’s Love for Mankind,” from “Mormons and Muslims”
One of the greatest plays in the history of baseball
Three important but somewhat neglected LDS statements on Islam and the Middle East
“Science explains why hipsters grow beards”
  • Erich Zann

    Dr. Peterson,
    This is a well-written article on an extremely interesting subject. That said, while I always expect the comments on the online version to be inane and worthless, some of the responses to this article set new lows. I don’t know why so many people reading your articles consistently miss the point week after week. I would say that you shouldn’t take it personally, but I’m convinced that the very fact that YOU wrote an article is the chief thing motivating these brain donors.