Gilles Bernheim, the Chief Rabbi of France, on “Homosexual Marriage, Parenting, and Adoption”


Gilles Bernheim,
Le grand Rabbin de France



This statement, which was praised by Pope Benedict XVI back at Christmastime, has been translated into English by my friend and BYU colleague Ralph Hancock:



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  • kaph

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It seems like the synthesis of his arguments can be found in the conclusion,

    “The problem with the proposed law is the harm it portends for our society as a whole, and this solely for the benefit of a tiny minority. This harm consists in the irreversible scrambling of three things: genealogies, by substituting “parenting” for fatherhood and motherhood; the status of the child, who would go from being a subject to being an object to which others have a right; and sexual identity as a natural given, which would have to give way to orientation as an individual expression, in the name of the struggle against inequality, perverted into the elimination of differences.”

  • kaph

    I also felt like shouting huzzah upon reading this line, “I believe that the affirmation of freedom does not imply the negation of limits and that the affirmation of equality does not imply the leveling of differences.”

    Reading his connection of the negative effects on gay marriage on genealogy made me grateful for all those people who read the bible and wonder, “why are they wasting page after page on generations again?”

  • Rodney Ross

    This is one of the fine essays I’ve read. It raises issues I haven’t thought of and has an eloquence about love and marriage that is perfect for the day. Thank you!

  • William Schryver

    This is the single most coherent and persuasive articulation of the arguments against cultural endorsement of homosexual “marriage” that I have yet to come across. Rabbi Bernheim has provided the “silenced majority” a concise, well-reasoned manifesto that should be required reading for all who are still laboring to form well-considered conclusions concerning the long-term significance of the social experimentation currently taking place on our planet.