Islam and Reason


It was an academic homecoming for the ex-professor-turned-Pope.


Here’s a provocative article from a favorite magazine of mine, First Things.


My response to it is ambivalent.


I disagree with Andrew Doran’s reading of al-Ghazali, and with his account of al-Ghazali’s influence on the Islamic world.  On the other hand, when Pope Benedict XVI gave his controversial speech at the University of Regensburg, I found myself in the odd position of defending him on Australian and New Zealand radio. (I was on a lecture tour at the time, and these pre-scheduled radio appearances were hugely impacted by the tumult that ensued after the Pope’s speech at Regensburg.)  I managed to obtain an English translation of his actual talk — and, soon thereafter, of his original German text — and was astonished to find that the media were distorting what he said, and sensationalizing it.  (There was, in case you missed it, irony in that last sentence.)


It’s late now, but I think I’ll weigh in on this article just a bit — an entire book could easily be written on the issue it raises — when I get more time.  Which may not be for a couple of days.  For the two of you who might care, stay tuned!



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