“Controversial Paper Critiquing Popular Mormon Podcast Published”

Me, in an unusually benevolent mood

  From the Student Review, an unofficial student newspaper at BYU: http://thestudentreview.org/controversial-paper-critiquing-popular-mormon-podcast-published/   … [Read more...]

“The rest is history: How a Mormon scholar turned doubter, then believer”

The angel Moroni directs Joseph Smith to the buried plates of the Book of Mormon

  A nice profile in the Salt Lake Tribune of a friend of mine, Don Bradley. His proposed solution to the question of Joseph Smith and the so-called Kinderhook Plates -- a favorite weapon of some critics against Joseph's prophetic claims -- was presented at the annual FAIR conference last August, and is now online here.   … [Read more...]

“There is No God Called ‘Allah’”?


  I find this sort of thing exasperating. I won't respond here, now, to the other assertions made by this charming little contribution to world peace and community harmony, but I will say something about the declaration that "There is no God called Allah."  (I imagine myself translating it into Arabic.  It would come out as "There is no God called God," or, at best, "There is no god called God.") With my colleague Bill Hamblin, I wrote a Deseret N … [Read more...]

An American Pope?

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 I haven't yet seen my 24-second KSL-TV interview regarding papal conclaves, but this seems relevant:    … [Read more...]

Unplug Your Television Today at 5 PM, Utah Time, and, Just to Be Sure, Send Your Children Out of the Room

The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, where papal conclaves are held

  I was just interviewed for KSL-TV regarding the approaching papal conclave in Vatican City.  I believe that the interview will air (if it does) at 5 PM.  (Perhaps it will also be broadcast again later, but I don't know about that.)  It wasn't a long interview, but it was fun.  If past experience is any guide, it'll probably end up lasting about twenty seconds on air.   … [Read more...]

“Thinking Aloud,” about Maimonides

Cologne (or "Köln"), Germany

  Brigham Young University's Professor Glen Cooper interviews Dr. Gerrit Bos, of the University of Cologne's Martin-Buber-Institut für Judaistik, about Moses Maimonides, the greatest rabbi and Jewish philosopher of the Middle Ages: http://www.classical89.org/thinkingaloud/archive/episode/?id=1%2F10%2F2013 The interview took place during a relatively recent visit by Dr. Bos to BYU, in connection with his central leadership role in BYU's effort to … [Read more...]

“Jainism is Rooted in Nonviolence”

The Jain Temple of Phoenix, Arizona

  A late note to call attention to this weekend's Hamblin-Peterson column in the Deseret News: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/765623200/Jainism-is-rooted-in-nonviolence.html   … [Read more...]

“Interpreter” Update

The Mesa Arizona Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

 With this article, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture completes its third volume.  This will be available via print-on-demand from Amazon.com within a couple of weeks. Publication of articles for volume four will begin this coming week. In the meantime, the current plan for Dr. Gregory Smith's papers on 'Mormon Studies" and l'affaire Dehlin is simply to post them on the website without typesetting them or including them in the journal proper.  (The p … [Read more...]