Two other facets of Interpreter


 Some of you -- and don't pretend that you don't know who you are -- may still be unaware of some of the features on the Interpreter site. There is, for example, an area on the site for news not directly connected with Interpreter (e.g., public lectures, new publications from other organizations, etc.) that we think our audience might find interesting: And we're beginning to get our blog … [Read more...]

A Columbine victim speaks out on President Obama’s gun control proposals

Once upon a time at Columbine High

  This little piece is worth a look: Thought questions:  Did the Columbine shooters violate any laws?  Did they break any laws specifically relating to weapons?  If so, how many?  Mind-reading is difficult, of course, but what did their attitudes seem to be toward federal and state laws?   … [Read more...]

And the most-ridiculous-photochopping award goes to . . .

"Al-Ahram" (=  "The Pyramids")

Somehow I missed this one when it appeared.  Hosni Mubarak is long gone now, but it's still funny: In a related note, it's been said of Jesse Jackson -- not the recently disgraced former congressman, but his demagogue father -- that the most dangerous place in the world is the space between him and a television news camera. … [Read more...]

A Little Column Defending Religious Apologetics as Legitimate Scholarship

St. Thomas Aquinas as he may -- or, just as probably, may not -- have looked.

  Did I respond to all objections?  No.  These columns are typically between 720 and 735 words long, and never more than 740 words, and those space constraints are significant. But this column says some of what I want to say on the matter.   … [Read more...]

Interpreter’s Fifteenth “Scripture Roundtable”

Samuel Smith, the first Mormon missionary

  The Interpreter Foundation has just posted its fifteenth scripture roundtable.  This one features Craig Foster, Ben McGuire, Andrew Smith, and Daniel Peterson, and focuses on Doctrine and Covenants 4, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 31, 33, 75 (= Gospel Doctrine manual lesson #11). It lasts, I believe, just over forty-one minutes.  Or thereabouts.   … [Read more...]

Islam and Reason

It was an academic homecoming for the ex-professor-turned-Pope.

  Here's a provocative article from a favorite magazine of mine, First Things. My response to it is ambivalent. I disagree with Andrew Doran's reading of al-Ghazali, and with his account of al-Ghazali's influence on the Islamic world.  On the other hand, when Pope Benedict XVI gave his controversial speech at the University of Regensburg, I found myself in the odd position of defending him on Australian and New Zealand radio. (I was on a lecture … [Read more...]

When everything’s going so well, a president deserves more time for golf.

The Golfer-in-Chief

   … [Read more...]

Generation Me

Lena Dunham, from HBO's "Girls"

  An interesting little piece by David French.  And don't miss his link to the Stanton article. I wonder if it's pure coincidence that this "generation" is also the most liberal and secular on record, and that it delays marriage longer (if it marries at all).  There are significant differences between Girls and Little Women.   … [Read more...]