Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


I didn’t inhale.


First of all, yes, I’ve climbed to the top of Blarney Castle.  But I declined to kiss the stone.  (Perhaps I would have been more effective in my writing if I had.)  My critics can’t blame what I write on that.


I’m putting this post up in order to call your attention to a piece written by my friend Craig Foster — an expert in, among other things, family history — on Irish names.  Even if you’re not Irish, you’ll probably find this interesting and amusing:




Just as, though I’m not Irish, I’m going to enjoy the corned beef and cabbage that my wife is preparing as I write.


And I really enjoy Celtic music, too.  And I like the Celtic cross.  But then, I am part Scottish.  So I come by those things honestly.


Something from my Celtic Christian heritage



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