Humility and Gay Marriage


Of marriage


Every once in a while — quite unpredictably — I’ve been able to get good enough reception on my iPhone to be able not only to receive and make calls but to be able to read a few things on the Web.  And then, without my moving so much as an inch and without any other change that I can discern, I lose contact.


Here’s an interesting item that I just read on the topic of same-sex marriage, which seems, right now, to be sweeping all opposition before it like dew before the rays of a rising sun:


Leon Kass and Harvey Mansfield and Robert George are deeply serious thinkers, and I think that their voices should be heard, and what they have to say seriously considered.  (And merely saying so will, I’m sure, earn me denunciations in at least a few places as a viciously anti-gay bigot.  Such is the tolerance of the self-anointed “anti-hate” crowd.)


I’ve cited G. K. Chesterton’s advice here before – that it’s unwise to remove a hedge or a fence until one understands clearly the purpose for which the fence or hedge was erected in the first place.  Seeing the wisdom of that advice is one of the many things that makes me a conservative, rather than a liberal or even simply a libertarian (which I tend to be on economic issues).


Written north of Sandpoint, Idaho, on 25 March 2012


After writing the words above and returning to the land of abundant wifi, I also noticed this amusing and very relevant little piece.  And this one.



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