Stossel Tonight, on “Myths, Lies, and Complete Stupidity”



John Stossel, formerly of ABC


John Stossel, a rare but very welcome libertarian voice on national television, has a program tonight entitled “Myths, Lies, and Complete Stupidity.”


It airs at 8 PM Eastern Time.


In Utah, I think it will be on at 6 PM tonight, and again at 9 PM.  But I could be wrong.  Check for yourselves.  I’m going to try to record it.


From the sound of it, the program should be provocative, entertaining, and enlightening.


People sometimes ask me whether I don’t think it would be good to have a stronger Democratic Party in Utah, since virtual one-party rule tends to be unhealthy and corrupt.  (I’m not sure that they have the same concerns about single-party dominance in New York, California, and etc., but I’ll let that pass.)  I agree that it would be better were Utah to have two vigorously competing and competitive political parties — the Republicans and the Libertarians.



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  • Alison Moore Smith

    Thanks for the heads up. We’ll be setting it on the DVR tonight!