The Leadership of The Interpreter Foundation


Interpreter Headquarters (“Burj al-Mutarjimeen”) on the eastern shore of beautiful Utah Lake


For both of you who’re curious about the leadership of The Interpreter Foundation, there have been some organizational rearrangements and one new addition:


Our special issue of People Magazine isn’t due until Christmas time, and I knew that you just couldn’t wait that long.



Fight against genetically-modified crops, eat well, live comfortably . . . and kill lots of other people.
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  • Doom

    “Who are you?”

    “I am Death,” said the creature. “I thought that was obvious.”

    “But you’re so small!”

    “Only because you are small. You are young and far from your Death, September, so I seem as anything would seem if you saw it from a long way off-very small, very harmless. But I am always closer than I appear. As you grow, I shall grow with you, until at the end, I shall loom huge and dark over your bed, and you will shut your eyes so as not to see me.”
    -Catherynne M. Valente, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

    Remember, Dr. Peterson … “As above, so below” you crossed the line.

    • danpeterson

      Fun story, “Doom.”

      Nice new pseudonym, too. (Same old implicit threats, though.)

  • Lt.Kijhe

    Love the new headquarters. Which floor is your office on?

    • danpeterson

      The penthouse, of course.

  • Nathan000000

    Do you ever see Tom Cruise rappel past your penthouse window?

    • danpeterson

      The guy’s a positive nuisance. The first two dozen times or so were amusing, but it’s become really old.