Worrisome News from Great Britain, Not to Mention Philly


It’s pretty foundational.




How long before such things arrive in America?




Don’t be complacent.




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  • Sheila

    I live in the UK and have followed this inquiry and its outcome quite closely. I’ve read a lot of the arguments by the press and those they consider their opponents. I don’t think that things are quite as made out in this article. One should always be careful what one reads in the press! Especially the British press. There is a lot of background to this and it isn’t really about political reporting. The public grew very concerned when the extent of phone hacking was revealed and the lack of action about it from police and Government, due to a fear of the press, so ministers were forced to do something to satisfy public demand. There has been a lot of ‘reporting’ in the press which seems designed to create fear and resort to the ‘slippery slope’ argument. The new regime will not be much different from the existing Press Council but it will have more powers to force the press to pay fines for proven wrongdoing and to make proper apologies. Government is not interfering and the press will have as much freedom as they do now, except the freedom to break the law without redress. there is very much a feeling in the UK that ordinary people who are harmed by press reporting have had no means of tackling this when the police fail to do. I will also point out that the police have taken a lot of flak for their inactivity as well! I don’t think that the USA has to fear any importing of press restrictions from the UK.

    • danpeterson

      Let us pray.