My Mother-in-Law’s Obituary

Ruth Milius Stephens

   The obituary for my mother-in-law is now online:   … [Read more...]

The spirit of Ghotiolo lives on!

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  As I occasionally do during odd moments, I've been thinking about English and English spelling. Consider the verb to hone, as in to hone a skill.  You can easily add an s to it.  As in He hones his skills every day.  So far so good.  But append a t to hones and you have honest.  What on earth happened to the h? How about horror and honor and humor?  Exhume and exhale?  Heir and hair? And then there's the verb to cleave. … [Read more...]

General Conference and Me

The interior of the Conference Center in Salt Lake City

   I've seen a number of posts today mocking this or that speech at this year's annual LDS general conference, which concluded this afternoon. I'm not talking about those from bitter anti- or ex-Mormons.  Those are scarcely worth noticing.  The ones that I've actually paid any attention to come from at least nominal Mormons whose (in the cases I've seen today, left-leaning) social/political preferences failed to be canonized from the pulpit, or, even m … [Read more...]

Ruth Stephens (d. 6 April 2013)

The Denver Colorado Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

    I received word from my wife just a few minutes ago that my mother-in-law has passed away.  (My wife spent last night with her mother in the hospital, and was planning to do so again tonight.) Ruth had been fighting Alzheimer's, or something like it, for probably about ten years, but her physical health seemed excellent until early this week, and, frankly, we had expected her to be around for quite a bit longer.  This has been a surprise.   … [Read more...]

The Miracle at Cokeville, Wyoming

Something astonishing seems to have happened here.

 I had a most interesting day today, including attendance at the afternoon session of the current general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'm excited about the new temples announced this morning for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Cedar City, Utah, and about the new General Authorities who were presented to the Church later today. One of the most interesting parts of the day was having a bite to eat in a condo situated very near the … [Read more...]

“Christian Beliefs are Rooted in Reliable Early Records”

Chester Beatty Papyrus 45 This portion contains the gospel of Luke.

  This weekend's column by William Hamblin and a colleague in the Deseret News:   … [Read more...]

“Atheists plan large national convention in Utah next Easter weekend”

The grave monument for Matthew Stanford Robinson It's obviously an in-your-face choice of venue and date, but I hope that Utahns in general, and Latter-day Saint Utahns in particular, will treat them cordially and with respect. I know the arguments against theism reasonably well, and I don't discount their force.  By natural temperament, as it happens, I'm more inclined to skepticism than to faith.  There a … [Read more...]

“Letter to a Doubter,” by Terryl Givens

Terryl Givens

  I'm very happy to announce that Terryl Givens's "Letter to a Doubter" is now up on The Interpreter Foundation's website: This is, I believe, our thirty-first consecutive week of publication -- on top of the Foundation's conference sponsorship, blog posts, scripture roundtables, and etc.   … [Read more...]