Agricultural Subsidies, Jefferson’s Yeoman Farmers, and . . . Well, Swamp Land in Florida


“Young Corn,” by Grant Wood


The “farm bill” is an annual ritual in Congress, ostensibly designed to help maintain the American family farm and preserve our identity as a Jeffersonian society of yeoman farmers.


In fact, 80% of it goes to food stamps.  And to some people that you might not have predicted.  Just so you know.


Conservatives (including especially libertarian-leaning conservatives such as I) are frequently accused of favoring corporate fat cats.  (I dealt with such an accusation, recently repeated by an especially sullen, constant, and unjust critic of mine, in a post just the other day.)  But, in fact, I tend to think that Big Government by nature favors such fat cats, and that the free market on its own would tend to do a better job of holding them to account.


In any event, please enjoy this graphic about your tax money at work:


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    Grrrrr. What do we do about such nonsense?

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      Shut up and fork over. That’s the recommended course, I believe.

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