“Jihadist Aim: To Expel U.S. from the Mideast”



Very attractive, no?


A bit late, here is a link to the Hamblin-Peterson column from this past weekend’s Deseret News:





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  • http://www.facebook.com/peredehuit Doug Ealy

    Interesting article. Would it be fair to assume that at lease some in the Jihadist movement want the US out so they can control the oil found in the region? Maybe I’m too cynical, but I can’t help but think that some want to control oil and use it to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Once they have WMDs, they could do a number of things…

    • danpeterson

      I think that’s a reasonable assumption. I don’t think that oil is their principal concern, but they would be fools if it didn’t enter their minds.

  • Lucy Mcgee

    Too few in the media want to address the root causes of Jihad. Chalmers Johnson wrote a trilogy which describes, in detail, a policy which has much inflamed radical Islamist retribution. I liked this column by Dr. Peterson/Dr. Hamblin. Those in academia can do a great national service by educating the rest of us, and for that I applaud them.