“Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”



Ancient Roman roads can still be seen around the Mediterranean and, in some places, inland.


In a lapse from its usual weekly practice of publishing something really good and interesting, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture today posted a brief and insubstantial piece by the lamentable Daniel Peterson:




The good news, though, is that his negligible little essay constitutes the “Introduction” to the fourth (4th) volume of Interpreter, and thus, in the system followed by the folks at The Interpreter Foundation, signifies that the publication of Volume 5 will commence a week from today.


That’s no small achievement for an undertaking that began only on 3 August 2012, with a budget of precisely $0.00.


Volume four will be available very soon in various digital formats and for print on demand.  And did you know that there are also audio versions of Interpreter articles?



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    Congratulations! We out here in the peanut gallery are grateful for the work of those like yourself who voluntarily place their scholastic skills in the service of helping us better understand and appreciate the intellectual richness of the Restored Gospel.