The Interpreter Foundation’s YouTube Channel


The Utah state flag bears a beehive, with the motto “Industry.”


Are people out there aware that The Interpreter Foundation has a YouTube channel?


Well, it does.


Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture has been publishing every week since 3 August 2012, but the rest of the Foundation has been quite productive, as well.  There’s now a substantial library of good material up, and it’s only going to get bigger and better.


According to the Book of Mormon, deseret meant honeybee in the language of the Jaredites, the earliest emigrants described in the Book of Mormon narrative as coming from the Old World to the New.  (See Ether 2:3.)  The first Mormon settlers of what would eventually become the State of Utah proposed a provisional State of Deseret in 1849.  The State of Utah as it now exists represents only a portion of that proposed State of Deseret.  Utah’s quest for statehood is a remarkable and complex story of its own.



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