The Most Trusted People in America? Really?


The most trusted person in the United States


The results of this Readers Digest poll — the complete results are shown here, but in quite inefficient form — are deeply odd and, in my view, profoundly depressing.


The first four people on the list are actors, for heaven’s sake.  They read words written by other people.


Many years ago, a committee of the United States House of Representatives was conducting hearings on the struggles of the family farm in America — and among the witnesses called to testify before the committee as experts on the topic were Sally Field and Jessica Lange.  Each of these actresses had starred in a recent (1984) film about trying to save a family farm — Ms. Field as the widowed Edna Spalding in Places in the Heart, and Ms. Lange as Jewell Ivy in Country.  I wondered if I was the only person who found their invitations to testify before Congress on the plight of American farmwives extremely weird.  I don’t recall hearing any public complaints about it, though.


And the rest of the Readers Digest list is no less disheartening, in various ways.



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