The New Dan Brown Novel is Out!


Traveling through Paradise with Dante


Maybe your time would be better spent, though, reading Dante himself?


But be sure to read the whole “Divine Comedy,” not just the Inferno.


I first read Dante (in John Ciardi’s verse translation) when I was a very young teenager and have loved the Commedia ever since.  My Italian’s not up to much, so I read it in translations — my current favorite being that of Anthony Esolen — though preferably with the Italian original on the facing page.  And I’ve read it quite a few times.


I was reading the Inferno for the first time while I was on a train traveling from Los Angeles to Provo.  I was going to visit my brother and his wife while he was doing his senior year — his only year — at BYU.  There was a distinguished looking black gentleman riding in same train car near me, and he was evidently amused by the weird Dante-reading junior high schooler.  We had a long conversation about the book.


For what it’s worth, I saw Louis Lomax on television a few weeks later, and I’ve always thought, though I’m not sure and can’t prove it, that that’s who my conversation partner was.


If it was Dr. Lomax, he had only a tragically short time left to live.  Nice man.  Fond memory.



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Twelve years ago, today
  • Kent G. Budge

    I’ve read “Inferno” several times, in more than one translation, but only part of “Purgatorio” and just the briefest excerpts from “Paradisio.” It seems to be a human weakness to find sin much more interesting than virtue.

    • DanielPeterson

      Look how short 4 Nephi is.

  • brotheroflogan

    I just finished Inferno (Dan Brown’s book). It was really fun. I recommend it. Two drawbacks though: sometimes it read like a travel-log or a history lecture and sometimes it became quite didactic about the evils of overpopulation. But still a fun book and I learned a lot about Dante and Italy.