No More Cosmo


It’s not “Elle,” either.


I don’t read women’s magazines.  But, having spent a great deal of time in supermarket checkout lines, I’ve seen plenty of them.  And I know what many of them sell: sex.  A certain very popular class of them glamorizes lifestyles that are starkly incompatible with the restored Gospel and with any other serious form of Christianity (or, for that matter, Islam or Judaism).  And these magazines push body images that are, for virtually all real women, impossible, and that, if attempted, are dangerously unhealthy.  There is a war on for the souls of young women, and the powerful media elites (in magazines and in Hollywood) are deeply hostile to the values that I (and, I suspect, most of you) cherish and try to live.


That’s why I was very happy to hear about an alternative.  (You can read about it here, too.)  From the looks of it, I hope that many women will support it, and that it will succeed.


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  • Kenngo1969

    I’m relieved. When I saw the title (but not the picture), my first (thankfully fleeting) thought was, “They’re killing off Cosmo the Cougar?!! They can’t do that! I’m starting a campaign! ¡Que vive la revolución! Who’s with me?!!” (My sudden surge of revolutionary fervor, though, now needs a different outlet. Do you have any ideas?)