The IRS and Religious Advocacy


The government wants to know precisely what the people who gather in such buildings are praying about.


For yet another example of what seems to be intrusive, partisan, ideologically-motivated IRS snooping, see this.


I’m actually somewhat ambivalent about the current NSA scandal.  I understand the threats we face from jihadists.  But if the government is going to penalize and harass legitimate political dissent and punish religious believers for daring to advocate their socio-moral positions, such surveillance by a federal intelligence agency takes on a distinctly sinister hue.



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  • joe e.

    it’s true some of these “invasion of privacy” issues where implemented under Bush43, while then Sen.Obama lambasted these measures on the Senate floor mind you? and then ran a Presidential Campaign full of promises of unwinding such doings by the previous Admin, closing Gitmo, making the USA once again a lovable bunch (cept those clinging to their guns & religion types) that our then enemies abroad would embrace with open arms.

    if you grade this Prez’s Admin on promises made, they have failed miserably on these type issues and appears he actually had a hand in ramping some of them up? on the other hand, he has given the ole college try with the promises of regulating different types of energy out of existence? gas & diesel prices anyone? electricity rates today? county & city tax rates?

    “trust them” we are now told???……….to do what is the question?

  • John

    If you are still “somewhat ambivalent about the current NSA scandal” please read this great article from the National Review by Charles Cook.