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Another interesting blog that has just come to my attention is maintained by Gavin Jensen, whom, as far as I know, I don’t know — except via Facebook:


The most recent entry, entitled “Marriage–a Status Function,” is very relevant in view of this past week’s Supreme Court decisions.


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  • Gavin

    Brother Peterson,

    We actually had a conversation once. It was after one of the lectures that Royal Skousen gave for the general public at BYU. Since then, I have followed your blog and have gone to almost all of the events that you promote on your blog and facebook. For instance, I went to the William Hamblin fireside today. It was great by the way.


    • David H

      Hi Gavin -

      It is interesting to me that you used the example of money as an example of status function, before going on to describe how marriage is a status function. Many times supporters of so-called same-sex marriage claim that their redefinition of marriage does not hurt anyone else’s marriage. My response is that someone else counterfeiting money hurts the real value of the money in my bank account. In a similar way, counterfeit marriages attempt to change the meaning and definition of that thing my wife and I have going on. It pulls the rug out from under us. They intend to change the status function of the named entity that is our relationship, without our consent and against our expressed political will.

      • Gavin

        That is a great point. I was actually planning on making a similar point in another post I am writing but you articulated it much better than I was going to.

      • RaymondSwenson

        George Orwell made the point in “1984″ that if you can control the words people use and the meaning if those words, you can control their ability to think. By making it legally prohibited to identify “marriage” with the natural family, you destroy the ability to even have a debate about marriage. It us clear that the thing most dreaded by the advocates of same sex marriage is to hear someone disagree with them, so the Supreme Court majority has labeled disagreement as hate speech with no protected status under the Constitution. The ruling is not just a creation of a new constitutional right, it also diminishes the express rights of free speech and religion.

    • DanielPeterson

      Ah. Sorry. I’m glad you were able to go to Bill’s fireside. I wish I had been able to, but, well, I’m down in Arizona.