Another Response to the Recent “New York Times” Article



Near the family property


The estimable Jack Welch suggests some helpful resources from BYU Studies for the questions raised by the New York Times account:


These can go along with the links supplied yesterday by The Interpreter Foundation:


And, while I’m at it, happy Pioneer Day to all!


We’re going to be spending part of the day with a family gathering at a small but beautiful family place up a side road off of Parley’s Canyon.  Travel has manifold charms, but so do family and home.



Hebrew inscriptions? How early?
New Testament 197
"Greeks apologize with huge horse"
"Is this the worst academic journal ever?"
  • TArkay

    I assume you meant “inestimable”?

    • kgbudge

      Checking some online dictionaries, I find that the word does in fact mean what Dan almost certainly meant it to mean.

      • TArkay

        Yes, I also checked the dictionary before making the comment. While estimable can work for accuracy, inestimable would be the real compliment, which is what I assumed Dan had in mind.

        • DanielPeterson

          “Inestimable” would also work, but “estimable” is perfectly fine, and it’s what I intended.