From England into Wales




Our group left London this morning.


We drove first to Stonehenge, out on the Salisbury Plain.  (This is very near the place where my wife and I and our neighbors spent our first night of this trip; in fact, immediately after Stonehenge we drove right past the Rollestone Inn.)


What can I say about Stonehenge?  Nothing fresh.  I love the site.  It continues to be fascinating, mysterious, and frustrating.  If only we had documents from the builders!


The village of Lacock, in Wiltshire


Then we drove to Lacock, a village that has been used for such films as the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice, the 2007 BBC Cranford, a couple of the Harry Potter films, and the forthcoming Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box.  We walked around and through it, and had lunch.


Bath’s Royal Crescent from the air
(click to enlarge)


From Lacock, we drove to Bath, the appropriately named ancient spa town (formerly Aquae Sulis, in classical times), to visit the Roman baths and see some of the Georgian architecture there.  My wife and I were in Bath many years ago, but the site of the Roman baths is vastly improved now.


A portion of the ancient Roman baths in . . . Bath, with the Abbey of Bath in the background


One of the most interesting sights in Bath, from my perspective, is the façade of the Abbey of Bath, which features, on either side of the entrance and the great window, images of angels climbing up ladders to the presence of God.  Excellent illustrations of the ancient and well-nigh universal ascension motif, which I’m not alone in connecting with the temple.


Bath Abbey façade


Another good day.  A bit less walking.  Perhaps only a little bit more than five miles.  Excellent Thai food tonight, in “The Thai House.”  If you’re ever in Cardiff, try it.


Posted from Cardiff, Wales.



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  • hthalljr

    Just this morning my wife and I listened to your 2009 Fair Conference lecture, “The Temple as a Place of Ascent to God,” but I missed the link to the beautiful slides, which was on the same page: Thanks for those wonderful insights, and thanks to Bill Hamblin for letting you “steal” his illustrations. We are currently teaching the temple preparation course to a young couple, immigrants from Italy, who joined the Church in Klagenfurt last year. The husband was raised an atheist but was a life-long seeker; she was Roman Catholic. They have two boys, ages 6 and 10. We’ll stick to the manual, of course, but your lecture reminds us to invite them to seek for echoes of the temple everywhere, and to return again and again to the temple to receive the empowering knowledge that only the Spirit can teach them.