“Interpreter” on the Verge of Death?



The Interpreter’s current status?


Today, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture posted Robert F. Smith’s review of Adam Miller’s Rube Goldberg Machines: Essays in Mormon Theology, under the title “Adam Miller’s New Hermeneutic?”




And it posted two more brief items by Taylor Halverson:




Plainly, as its detractors have long predicted, Interpreter is on its deathbed.


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  • jerryL

    Great job on this issue Dan. I am tired of all the detractors overplaying the demise of the Interpreter. The journal is alive and well.

    I also just saw that the MI has a new show called The Mormon Book Review. Seems to me that they just took a page out of the Interpreter’s playbook. Whatever the Interpreter does the MI tries to do better. Caudle and Hodges have blatantly outdone themselves this time.

    Think of something new MI, please. Sad…just sad.