Register early for Interpreter’s conference on science and Mormonism



These colorful drinks will not be on sale at the conference, owing to restrictive Utah laws.


The Interpreter Foundation has announced the venue for its upcoming conference on science and Mormonism, as well as more details regarding the participants and the method for pre-registration.  (There will be no admission charge, but seating will be limited.)


See here.



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  • joe e.

    this sounds interesting, anyway the date could be backed up a bit to better correlate with the Temple Studies Conf.? always heard it never hurts to ask?

    just received my BOM “The Earliest Text” today. we have been watching & re-watching the 3 vid’s via Roku awaiting the book’s arrival.

    thanks for the info you put forth, joe

    • DanielPeterson

      Sorry. I think the date is now pretty much set in stone.