Sarum, Romsey, and Oxford


Sarum from above


We visited “Old Sarum” this morning.  Sarum was first inhabited roughly five thousand years ago, and it is the mother settlement to Salisbury itself, which sits about two miles away.  It was a Roman center, was besieged by Vikings, and eventually was chosen as the site of a castle for Edward I.  Eleanor of Aquitaine was held captive there.  (Think Katherine Hepburn in The Lion in Winter.)  In the photo above, you can clearly see the moat immediately around the central settlement.  You can also see part of the much larger exterior moat.  Both are very impressive.


Romsey Abbey


We then headed down toward Southhampton, to Romsey, a town in Hampshire from which my Knight family progenitors, my oldest ancestral Mormon line, came.  We visited Romsey Abbey, a mid-twelfth-century Norman structure built originally to serve a nunnery there dating from the 900s.


The Christ Church quad in Oxford


Afterwards, we drove back up to Oxford, where we spent a couple of hours in the marvelous Ashmolean Museum (a wonderful collection focused on archaeology and art) and then walked in and around the core of the University, through the extensive parks connected with Christ Church College, and so forth.


Posted from Oxford, England



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  • Steven Montgomery

    Oh that I were a traveler, and could have the wish of my heart. It makes me envious. ;-)

    • DanielPeterson

      It’s fun. But a bit exhausting, too.

    • JeanPing

      Yeah, me too. :)

  • rockyrd

    Do you come through the prominent Knight family who were great supporters of the Prophet Joseph?

    • DanielPeterson

      Yes. My father was a late convert, but my mother descended from Joseph Knight Sr., via Joseph Knight Jr.

      • rockyrd

        I am currently reading William Hartley’s fine book “Stand by My Servant Joseph.” You descend from great ancestors!

        • DanielPeterson

          I do. And I’m hoping not to let the team down.

  • RaymondSwenson

    Dr Dan, one reason I enjoy your blog is the window on the world we get from he variety of your travels in Britain, Europe, and the Middle East.

    • DanielPeterson

      I hope it’s fun, and not merely self-indulgent. It’s a kind of trip journal for me.