The Hale family’s theaters: many happy memories


Inside the Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley City
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One of the benefits of having married a theater major is that I get to see a lot of live theater.  She insists.  And I happily go along.


We returned earlier tonight from a fun performance of Guys and Dolls at the Hale Center Theater, in Orem.  On Friday night, we attended an excellent production of Ragtime at the Hale Centre Theatre — note the difference in spelling — in West Valley City.


My history with the Hale family’s theaters actually began, though, long before I met my wife.  I sometimes took dates to their Glendale Centre Theatre while I was still in high school in Southern California.


I’ve always loved live theater — it’s a very different experience than film — and also believe in supporting it.  I encourage others to enjoy it, too.


And someday, perhaps, I’ll tell about my own very brief high school dramatic career, and about my even briefer experience as a thespian at the United States Embassy in Cairo.  (I may have related that story before.  But, if I’m not sure, it’s even more likely that you’ve forgotten.  So why not?)



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  • RaymondSwenson

    One of the benefits of playing french horn in high school was being in the orchestra for the school productions of musicals. Granger High (in what is now West Valley City) did Guys and Dolls one year, and the following year, the new Kearns High produced The Sound of Music. It was fascinating seeing things being put together, especially from a low pressure supporting role like mine. Nowadays I enjoy the extras on movie discs that show how they were filmed and the special effects added.

    Back when my grandfather was a young man, nearly a century ago, he played violin and sang in dramas that were put on by the largely Scandinavian wards in and around Linden and Pleasant Grove. The topic of how Joseph Smith and the Mormons rejected the Methodist rejection of entertainment and theater, and embraced it as one of the praiseworthy things in the world, would be a fascinating topic for a symposium, but one I don’t recall ever seeing in print.

  • SJ Bobkins

    I hope the theatres have solid financial reserves to deal with the downs and downs of our economic captain-less voyage. We live in a time when few of the bright spots in our childhoods remain. Just like a feeling of being untethered when you lose both parents, I get that feeling with all that has changed in my boyhood home Provo and even here in the Phoenix area with what I recall from college at ASU and then in Palo Alto and Boulder. A few miles down the road lies Gilbert’s (AZ) Hale Theater, Center or Centre I don’t recall. I’ve gone when invited and loved it. But truthfully, I don’t know if it’s still operating, since I’ve not heard any mention of its activities in some time. I need a reminder to grab ahold the good things support them furiously or risk losing another nice part of my past.