Two more responses to last weekend’s “New York Times” article


A rare photo of a meeting of the editorial board of The Interpreter Foundation
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Jeff Lindsay, a believing Latter-day Saint, offers some reflections on issues raised by the recent New York Times story in this excellent piece and, in this one, a non-Mormon responds somewhat skeptically to the Times article.


I’m not happy about the Times article, of course, nor about the story that it tells, but, in a way, I welcome it.  I’ve been calling for more forthright responses to certain issues for a long time, and this story will, I hope, serve as a kind of wake-up call.  The Interpreter Foundation intends to engage these issues in various ways, both in the near term and over the long haul.



  • brotheroflogan

    brother Peterson,

    Jeff Lindsay says that when the church sent historians to the Swedish members, they did a poor job of answering their questions. this drives me crazy, as this is one of the most important situations, in my opinion, in recent church history as it epitomizes many members’ experiences. The church needs to address apologetics head on rather than leaving it to members. So many missionaries don’t know about these issues. I heard of one african missionary who didn’t know about the priesthood ban until he was on his mission. He was black. This kind of thing needs to be addressed systematically and with rigor.

  • Neal Rappleye

    Dan, for what it maybe worth, I’ve tried to gather up all the responses to this an post them in one place (and I’ve been adding to it as I find more).

    I also proffer some of my own musings on this issue, which are basically worthless. But I hope having several good responses in one place proves helpful.