On Earliest Mormon Polygamy



Joseph Smith Jr.


This week’s new article in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture comes from Dr. Brian Hales, anc concerns Joseph Smith and the origins of Mormon polygamy:




Dr. Hales was one of the participants in the recent Interpreter Foundation roundtable on the same subject:





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  • Michael Hoggan

    I appreciate these articles. It is important to look at the recollections of the people who actually lived at the time plural marriage was practiced in the Church to help us understand it. I’ve read the various books about polygamy and the current polygamist groups in the “Setting The Record Straight” series. I found them very useful.

    i am confident that Joseph Smith had multiple marriages. I am curious, however, how to respond to those who assert that he didn’t and that this was a fabrication by other Church members.

    Please advise,