Robert Kirby: I’m Offended


Robert Kirby, Terrestrial Spirit


If you’re not listening to Robert Kirby’s FAIR presentation right now, you should be.  And if you can’t listen to it now, you need to get access to a recording of it so that you can listen later.


I believe that you can listen to it if you want to do so.  Here’s the place to find out about how.  Maybe.  I haven’t actually read it:


Posted from the 2013 FAIR Conference, in Provo, Utah



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  • RaymondSwenson

    A great discourse by Bob Kirby the self-described “lampoonist” on the need to get over our vanity and have the kind of holy humility that allows us to laugh at ourselves and not take everything too seriously. If an excess of light-mindedness and loud laughter chases away the Holy Spirit, the self-righteous anger that animates so much criticism is also an enemy of the Still Small Voice. Both attitudes preoccupy our minds with our own thoughts, so the Spirit can’t get a word in edgewise.