“Science isn’t the only road to knowledge”


Could better understanding of the Carolingian Renaissance be just a few chemical reactions away?


This week’s Thursday column in the Deseret News:




Predictably, the Usual Suspects come across, to me at least, as fairly clueless in their comments.  I was more disappointed, though, in the active LDS Texas scientist who seems to have largely missed my point.  I thought I was clear enough, but perhaps not.



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  • Ryan

    Have you read the late Austrian Philosopher Paul Feyerabend’s criticisms of Science? He charged that the privileged status that Science has assumed in both government and public discourse is unwarranted, due primarily to the foundation of Science being based, as he saw it, not on immutable universal truths, but rather on what he argued to be epistemological anarchy.

    He argued that Science is at its roots an ideology and should therefore be treated by government institutions equally with other ideologies — that it should not be favored or granted special status.

    On a completely unrelated note, what is your take on recent events in Syria and the possible looming strikes? A lot has been happening and I value your perspective.