The Book of Mormon in a Major Work on Hebrew Language and Linguistics



The first verses of Genesis


A new two-volume Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics has just appeared from the venerable European publishing house E. J. Brill. It includes two articles requested by the editors from John A. Tvedtnes:


“Hebraisms in the Book of Mormon”

“Hebrew Names in the Book of Mormon”


The articles include a reading list, which depends mostly upon publications from the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, though there were also some materials from other LDS sources.



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  • brotheroflogan

    I’m guessing you have to buy the book to read the article?

    • DanielPeterson

      I don’t know. I’ll check.

  • Jason Stokes

    There is a chapter he wrote on the Farms site with discussions of hebraisms.

  • Tom Irvine

    A Hebrew Book of Mormon would have a vast potential to elevate our theology especially if Lord is translated as YHWH and Christ is rendered as HaMashiach for Messiah. What a potential to unify the House of Israel.