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Friends, I wanted to let you know of the publication (online) of a new, Summer issue of SquareTwo, a journal of public affairs from a faithful LDS viewpoint, of which I am an editor.  Below is an overview of the contents, with links.  If you look at the Spring Readers’ Puzzle on accountability and mental illness (linked below), you will find my attempt to think through a very challenging trial in this area.


Please have a look, and let me know what you think – or, better yet, go ahead and offer comments online.



Ralph Hancock


Welcome, dear readers, to the Summer 2013 issue of SquareTwo! The full table of contents can be found on our archives page here.


First, we are pleased to publish a second essay by LDS political philosopher A. Don Sorensen, this time on the nature of freedom, and how freedom relates to the one true morality. Can this relationship help explain how so many spirits lost their way in the pre-mortal existence?


Second, Allison Arnold examines what early prophets wrote about the time of the Second Coming. What did they believe would be the status of nation-states and international law at that time?


Third, talk about shock and awe! BYU’s Department of Ancient Scripture has made a hire so amazing that you will want to sit down before you read about it . . .


Fourth, Valerie Hudson offers commentary about the lifting of the combat exclusion for women by the U.S. Department of Defense in January 2013.


Fifth, we are excited to facilitate the announcement by the Academy of Temple Studies of a one-day conference at Utah State University on “The Lady in the Temple,” with speakers including Margaret Barker. Find out details and how to register for the conference.


Sixth, we now have six comments by readers and editorial board members about our Spring 2013 Readers’ Puzzle on accountability and mental illness in LDS doctrine.


And last but not least, we have a new Reader’s Puzzle for Summer 2013: he’s been called a traitor, a hero, a patriot, and a whistle-blower, but what do our readers think about Edward Snowden? Share your thoughts and we’ll publish them!


One final note: do you dislike readings essays on your computer screen? Did you know you can convert our webpages to pdfs that you can print out on letter-sized paper? It’s easy! Go to, paste in the URL of the webpage you want, pick the option for letter-sized paper, and the file will be swiftly and automatically downloaded for free to your computer! From there, you can easily print the file on your printer.



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  • John P

    Thanks. That was very helpful with some personal struggles I am going through at the moment.

    • DanielPeterson

      I’m glad of it.

  • Loran

    “I wanted to let you know of the publication (online) of a new, Summer
    issue of SquareTwo, a journal of public affairs from a FAITHFUL LDS VIEWPOINT”…

    I’m typing this while my jaw is still on the floor and my mouth is getting a bit dry, but am I reading this correctly? No “bracketing”? No “big tent” in which classical liberalism can share its rightful place at the intersection of the gospel and politics with Marx, Fanon, and Saint Simon while we pretend that the gospel itself has no bias within the world of human political affairs? No “let’s not discuss it because its divisive” mentality?

    How did that song go, “this could be the start of something big”?

  • Loran

    I see that this has been around for quite awhile and I’ve never so much as heard of it. Amazing! And all this time I’ve been wasting at the Trailerpark at the End of the Universe and I could have been reading and contributing here.

    Live and learn…

    • DanielPeterson

      Indeed. I would be perfectly content to see such places as the Trailerpark left entirely to the uncivil, obsessive haters who dominate them. They can spend the rest of their days whining and moaning about the stupidity and wickedness of everybody else. They’ll be happy, and those who’ve left them to themselves will be happy.

  • Loran

    I’m assuming modern conservative/libertarian perspectives have a home here and that both sides of any controversial question would be allowed space to make its case. Is that the intention of the journal? looking it over, I see a alternative perspectives leaning in different directions, and, apparently, a space for civil disagreement.

    • DanielPeterson

      Unlike the board where you (and I) wasted too much of our lives, SquareTwo is a place run by and for grown-ups.