A Muslim Hero in the Nairobi Mall Massacre


Nairobi National Park, on the outskirts of the city


I’ve only visited Nairobi once, and that was many, many years ago.  I loved Kenya, though, and really liked Nairobi.  I’ve always wanted to go back.


So hearing about the massacre in the Westgate Mall there was personally shocking to me.  And, as the horrible details are coming out — this brief item, I caution you, is pretty grossly graphic — what happened proves to be even more offensive and disgusting, if that’s possible, than previously imagined.


Consequently, it’s good to hear and read about people like Abdul Haji:





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  • Lucy Mcgee

    Ever read “West with the Night”, by Beryl Markham which chronicles her life in Kenya at the turn of the last century? This is one amazing true life adventure story.