“The New Liberalism vs. the Restored Gospel”


Conflicts happen sometimes.
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Part three of a stimulating, not to say provocative, three-part essay by my friend and colleague Ralph Hancock:





Seeing is believing?
"The Mormon Bonhoeffer"
"Religion poisons everything!" (7)
New Testament 137
  • Loran

    It’s very gratifying, personally speaking, to see someone in the Church with some public notoriety speak “truth to power” on this subject in this way, and I’ll tell you why. Brother Hancock probably would have been shown the door on any number of threads or banned outright 3 – 5 years ago on the FAIR message board for making statements even remotely resembling “This new liberalism is not remotely compatible with basic LDS beliefs,” not to mention the heated attacks (including personal) from other – not critics – but Latter-day Saints within the apologetic community.

    That board became a place where I could no longer feel welcome precisely because of statements such as this which were deemed both offensive and in contradiction with Church teaching (the Church’s institutional political neutrality).

    My only quibble is with the concept of a “new” liberalism. The “liberalism” of which he is speaking here is,understood as he is expressing it, at least half a century old now, and in its mature form, dates from the late sixties. I’m moving on toward sixty and this doesn’t appear “new” form my perspective. The traditional use of the term “liberal,” as still understood in the U.K. or on the Continent, hasn’t been used in that sense in North America for generations now.

    Beyond that, great article, and a very much needed bracing dip in the ice water of reality for a growing and sometimes shrill coterie of LDS for whom the Church is not “evolving” fast enough…

    Good stuff.

    • http://kgbudge.com kgbudge

      I’m honestly surprised. I haven’t followed the FAIR message boards much, but I like a lot of their work, and it would not have occurred to me to label them as politically liberal (in the modern sense.)

      • DanielPeterson

        I’ve certainly noticed a desire to keep the message board that formerly belonged to FAIR (and no longer does) apolitical. And I agree with that policy.

        I haven’t, myself, seen any particular anti-conservative bias among the moderators there. But I freely confess that I pay much less attention to the boards than I once did.