Ciao! (with manatees)


Entrance to the park


Still (slowly) recovering from an unusually severe cold — health wise, 2014 hasn’t been my best year, thus far — and badly needing to get some work done, I stayed “home” today while my wife headed out with friends.  They went around Blue Spring State Park, near Lake Mary, north of Orlando, and looked at manatees.


A photo, by my wife, of some of the park’s manatees
(Click on image to enlarge. Click again to enlarge again.)


In the evening, though, we all met my son and my daughter-in-law at Ciao Italia, a restaurant that we’ve enjoyed in the past.  It was, as before, very good.  But I’m so unhungry right  now that I simply can’t remember ever not feeling hungry.  So I have to wonder:  Why, again, did we go there?


Posted from Orlando, Florida



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