Interpreter is dead. Right?



And this is a perfectly flat plain in the western Sahara.
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It’s 2 January 2014, so it’s definitely time to haul out this confident prophecy from nearly a year ago, made by a critic on a small and rather nasty (and mostly atheist) ex-Mormon message board:


“By Jan. 1, 2014 Interpreter will be dead just like Mormon Scholars Testify. Either totally dead or down to token ‘blog’ style postings.” (Bond James Bond, 25 January 2013)


Have a look at the website of The Interpreter Foundation:


We’ve having an Interpreter board meeting tonight.  And an article is scheduled to go up tomorrow.  And our first book will soon come from the press.  Any suggestions on how to break the news to the board members that we’re . . . well, dead?



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