“Is the universe friendly?”


Solar system with galaxies


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  • Brock Lesnar


    That was a very good article. Good job!

    The Universe is a violent, chaotic and beautiful mystery.

    We can see entire galaxies colliding with each other, black holes consuming entire solar systems, hypernovas obliterating everything within 3,000 light years and meteorites pulverizing planets.

    We also see a certain order to things, stars being created, gravity holding solar systems and galaxies together.

    Depending on one’s perspective, you can easily see God’s hand in the Universe, or you can easily see the absence of God in the Universe.

  • RaymondSwenson

    Award-winning science fiction author Robert Sawyer wrote a book titled Calculating God, in which two species of aliens land on the earth and amaze mankind by explaining that they have deduced scientifically that there is a God who created intelligent life for some purpose. The aliens cite all of the same information referred to in your article as direct evidence of the reality of an intelligent, purposive Creator.
    ***(SPOILER ALERT!)***
    Sawyer’s version of God is a star-size intelligence large enough to shade the earth from the destructive effects of a supernova-caused gamma ray burst, who has created the three intelligent species so that they can each contribute DNA that is used in the creation of a literal child of his God. Indeed, the scientific evidence does not point to any details about the physical nature of the Creator, or that being’s identity with the God of the Bible, so Sawyer comes up with his own vision of a what a being with that much intelligence and power might be like and its purpose for the creation of mankind.
    But Sawyer’s exercise points out that the resistance of atheist scientists to the obvious implications of the anthropic constants is that they don’t want to admit that it shows that science is actually compatible with the reality of a Creator God, who might possibly be Jehovah. Militant atheists like to speak of people who insist that the entire universe was created in one week some 6,000 years ago as the ONLY variety of people who believe that God is the Creator. They don’t like to discuss the many people, including scientists, who see the findings of science as consistent with the existence of a God who is Eternal, who has all the time in the universe to create stars and planets as homes for his children. All of modern cosmology is perfectly consistent with the concept of a God who acts over immeasurable periods of time and countless spans of space, with children spread across innumerable habitable worlds–in short, the God who speaks from the pages of the Book of Mormon and Pearl of Great Price. If that kind of God is not compatible with Young Earth Creationism, that is another reason to eschew YEC (along with its insistence on creation ex nihilo, and that only the earth is inhabited).

    • Lucy Mcgee

      According to a 2009 Gallup survey, 46% of Americans believe in young earth creationism, so it’s no wonder that “militant atheists” and scientists who are Christians, and don’t want this belief system taught in public schools, are speaking out. If you watch debates and conferences in which “militant atheists” take part, you’ll quickly discover that not only do they discuss scientists who are Christians, they will often ACTUALLY DEBATE scientists who are Christians! http://intelligencesquaredus.org/iq2-tv/item/828-science-refutes-god-edited-for-pbs

      What you will rarely if ever find, are scientists debating young earth creationists, the Ken Ham’s of the world, because they consider it a colossal waste of time and energy.

  • Ray Agostini

    “The really amazing thing is not that life on Earth is balanced on a
    knife-edge, but that the entire universe is balanced on a knife-edge,
    and would be total chaos if any of the natural ‘constants’ were off even
    slightly. You see,” Davies adds, “even if you dismiss man as a chance
    happening, the fact remains that the universe seems unreasonably suited
    to the existence of life—almost contrived—you might say a ‘put-up job’.” – Dr. Paul Davies (Professor of Theoretical Physics)

  • Metatron-Enoch

    With the advancements made by Nicola Tesla, I am convinced that the universe is electric. The Electric Universe model seems to me to be the only rational explanation for the movement of celestial bodies, of course under the direction of the Lord. http://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/

    The maintained astrophysics of today, that which is posited by NASA, appears to be government disinformation and lies.