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A thought-provoking piece on government family policy:




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  • Jeremy Alleman

    I once worked with a man (divorced) that said if he were ever president, he would outlaw divorce.
    My wife’s parents are also divorced, and she remembers her mother saying she was glad to be rid of him (my father-in-law). My wife still remembers his response: “No, we will never be rid of each other, because there will be baptisms, and weddings, and graduations, and birthdays, and Christmas..” You get the picture.
    I know this was only a small part of the article that Dan linked to, but it my inlaw’s divorce has an effect on my marriage and my children (even though my wife was 12 when this happened, and no, I married her when I was 25 and she was 23 thank-you-very-much). :-)
    Divorce is a very distructive event in the lives of those involved, especially the children. Now I realise that it can be a good thing (my sister-in-law has a very good relationship with her ex, even though they were not good together). However, that is not always the case. Making people really think about whether they should get married in the first place, and then being committed to each other can go a long way to mending the family structure.