“All . . . untrue, . . . tales . . . lies”


You DARE to report a problem? You LIE!


I’m told that Senator Harry Reid has good qualities.  I don’t doubt it.  I’ve always resisted the tendency of some of his critics to demonize him.


Unfortunately, he seems disinclined to return that favor to those who disagree with his views:




It’s virtually inconceivable that any large federal program, even the best, is ever totally free of at least inadvertent “collateral damage.”  Senator Reid’s insistence that absolutely all such stories connected with Obamacare — a massive new program, the rollout of which has not been, shall we say, entirely flawless — are absolutely false strikes me as no more plausible than the late Mr. Saddam Hussein’s claim, following his last campaign for the presidency of Iraq (he won, by the way), that he had received fully 100% of the votes cast.


It struck me as somewhat doubtful that, among the many millions of Iraqis, there wasn’t even a single voter so dimwitted, insane, and/or morally perverse as to not recognize the unalloyed wonders of Mr. Hussein’s rule.


It likewise strikes me as implausible that not a single American’s healthcare choices or costs, anywhere, have been adversely affected by Obamacare.


I hope that all of those who have been negatively impacted by the Affordable Healthcare Act will absolutely roar their stories.  Publicly.  How many ordinary American citizens is Senator Reid willing to dismiss as liars?  Let’s find out.



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