Another way of reading Professor Hancock’s article



Brigham Young University – Hawai’i
I don’t know whether Professor Hancock’s concerns are relevant here


Actually, as it happens, there is a middle position already available between not reading Professor Hancock’s excellent article at all (unthinkable, really) and fully subscribing to the superb journal First Things (which I have done since its inception, and which I highly recommend).


If you go to the article and then scroll down to the “subscribe” option, you will see, beside it, the “purchase” option.  That is, of course, still not ideal.  Not, anyway, for those who only want to read Dr. Hancock’s essay.  But it would allow you to read the essay for $1.99 rather than for the full subscription price of approximately $20.00.


 Posted from Waikoloa, Hawai’i