A not particularly accurate nineteenth-century depiction of the Mountain Meadows Massacre


I’m very happy at this development.  I’ve advocated it for a long time, though I can claim no credit for the change:


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“Mormon Tabernacle Choir inducted into the American Classical Music Hall of Fame”
“Ordain Women’s Kate Kelly loses last appeal; husband to resign from Mormon church”
Do not be this guy.
On expecting help when trying to do good
  • JohnH2

    Seems like it should be helpful and is an improvement.

    One of my worries about the entire enterprise of Seminary and Institute is that the manuals become scripture aids which tell us what to get out of the scriptures and how to read them in the “right” way, so that we, like so many other churches, become familiar only with a proof text version of the scriptures that supports one particular version of our view and spend more time reading the aids rather than the scriptures. And/Or in classes trying to follow the manual over having correct information and attempting to teach to the class as the spirit directs,

    (Which is also why I am not at all fond of the chapter headings (outside of the D&C) and introduction to the Book of Mormon).

  • Stephen Smoot

    I understand that the author of the article linked above is a fundamentalist crank. At least that’s what people on the Internet say. Careful, Dan. I don’t think you want to ruin your reputation by approving anything he has to say.

    • Minjae_Lee

      Your cooment kinda freaked me out until I looked at the author of the linked article. Thanks for the laugh.

    • DanielPeterson

      Stephen: You’re in an even better position than I am to know the depths of Mr. Smoot’s depravity. Thanks for the warning!

  • RaymondSwenson

    That is great news. It acknowledges that a lot of criticism of Mormonism is out there and the only effective way to prepare the members is to discuss sensitive topics yourself so you maintain your own credibility and trustworthiness as someone worthy of trust and faith. It establishes that you know as much about the question as the critics and it does not affect the truth of the gospel. You want to instill confidence in youth that they can go to you with questions, that you don’t discourage study and scholarship.