The lovable rascal Nasr al-Din (Goha)


The inimitable Mulla Nasr al-Din


I did an interview with BYU-Radio last week regarding the popular Islamic folklore figure Mulla Nasr al-Din.


I’ve just been informed that that interview will be included in the episode of BYU-Radio’s The Apple Seed that is airing today (25 February 2014).  The title of the episode is “Nasruddin.”


If anybody out there would like to listen, the episode is to be broadcast at 2 PM ET (which means, perhaps, that it’s already aired? actually, I think it’s airing right now) and at 11 PM ET.


You can hear it by going to BYU-Radio’s Sirius XM channel (channel 143), or via  The episode will also shortly be available in The Apple Seed’s audio archive at


You might enjoy learning about Nasr al-Din (or Nasruddin, or Juha, or Goha) if you haven’t already heard about him.  And, even if you already have.



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